The history of Baby Massage

Baby massage has been practised in parts of Africa and Asia for centuries, but it is only over the last three decades that it has really come to the West as a serious Therapy. You will be coached by a trained therapist and a training course certificate can be provided.

The first and most powerful massage your baby will ever encounter is birth itself. Nature provides this pressure on the body to kick-start the major organs, preparing your baby for life outside the womb. Baby massage is a way for you to continue this stimulation, but in a much more gentle way. It will encourage your baby’s body to stretch and relax, promote healthy sleep patterns and establish bed time routines as well as alleviating symptoms such as snuffly colds and colic. A beautiful time, for bonding and togetherness.  


Baby massage involves touching, stroking, rubbing, and tapping, all of which your baby will find extremely relaxing and soothing. The movements are all easy to learn, and include a section on reflexology. 


Reflexology points are exactly the same on baby feet as for adults but of course the points can be a little harder to find on such a small foot. 

The needs of baby always come first during your baby's massage. You are learning how to safely massage your baby. This is a time for you to enjoy quality time with baby bonding and learning new skills.

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